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Freestyle kiter, Tici always jumps with a smile

Tici Fetterman is madly in love with her sport!

Kite surfing is her absolute passion.  As soon as the wind starts to blow her eyes light up and off she goes.  As last years NZ Freestyle Nationals Womens Champion, Tici is landing some big fancy tricks and hopes to make it to Australia next year to compete.

The Brazilian/Kiwi doesn't just fly across the ocean though, she also studies it and ultimately how to protect it.  

We caught Tici on a rare calm, non study day to see what makes her tick ...


I see you out there pulling some tricks and it makes me want to progress!  Who inspires you?

I get inspired by different people in different moments of life!  Of course what inspires me most is being surrounded by talented and motived riders that ride powerfully, technically and push themselves on the water.  But this is not all.  The perfect combination is a person who rides with smile on their face and push their limits as much they can.  They are dedicated and focussed to try harder to achieve their goals all whilst sharing the stoked!

For me, kitesurfing is what brings the biggest smile to my face, a feeling of constant happiness and natural high.


You've recently begun group coaching sessions.  Do you ever get frustrated and how do you pick yourself back up?

Oh yes, I do get frustrated. To pick myself up, I watch lots of videos from the girls who inspire me the most; and I also have one-on-one coaching sessions with my partner (Fabio). He is the person who introduced me to the sport, who believes in my potential and shows me that I can reach my goals if I work hard. 


How does kiting in the wind and (sometimes) sun take it's toll on your skin?

I always treat my face before and after I get in the water. For before, sunscreen SPF 70 and after, AMA BALM! It’s a big deal for me to look after my face and hair. The last thing any kiter girl wants is dry skin and hair.


What do you do when there's no wind?

SUP and fly drones. I am completing a masters degree in marine science and part of my research project is to test the use of new technology “drone” to study marine mammal behaviour. So, when there is no wind I spend my time studying. I do confess I find it a bit boring when is no wind! But I recently found SUP really good to keep my body and mind in balance.


What does being adventurous mean to you?

LIFE is an adventure!! Explore new places…. unexplored and wild places are my favorites…with no footprints!!! I also consider an adventure anything that takes me outside of my comfort zone, new experiences.


To keep up with what Tici is up to or to book a coaching class go to 


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