Linen+Wool Sleep Mask - Victoria

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Harness the restorative power of nature.

The Linen+Wool Sleep Mask is designed to block out light in the most natural way possible.

The sumptuous, stonewashed linen feels amazing against your skin and it makes us feel good being able to help you sleep better and keeping synthetic fibres and chemicals away from your eyes.

You might ask: "Why did you include wool in a sleep mask?"...we say "Wool is incredible, why not!" The Wisewool 150gsm batting layer combined with linen and cotton layers deliver high moisture-wicking performance and natural temperature regulation, keeping you comfortable throughout the day, night or while travelling.
Hand wash only. Packaged in a Kind Face branded gift box.

We think the world should be focused on sustainability and leave out the nasty stuff like
plastics, synthetic fibres and feathers where you just don't know how they were produced
or what they contain. That’s why we use natural materials to create our product line and
partner with New Zealand businesses to source them. 

All of our linen is 100% Turkish stonewashed high quality material - a natural way to dye
the material. It’s one of the best fabrics out there and has a low environmental impact
since the flax plants where linen comes from can grow even in poor conditions with little
water. It also has these great benefits:
- Breathable and moisture-wicking
- Strong and long-lasting
- Luxuriously soft 
Sourced in New Zealand through our friends at James Dunlop Textiles. Absolute legends
in the textile industry for over 110 years.

We have partnered with  Wisewool , an amazing family business based in Gisborne with
ties to the wool industry stretching back more than 130 years! We whole-heartedly believe
their wool products are superior, and they are a good bunch of kiwi's too! 
You can see the process for yourself on the  Wisewool website - from where the wool starts
in a shearing shed through to arriving at our workroom.
Now, at last, a growing environmental awareness is seeing the pendulum swing back in
favour of natural and renewable fibres. Product origins, composition and sustainability
have regained their rightful value, and our 100% natural and chemical-free Wisewool is
leading the charge.