Activated Charcoal & Rose Geranium Soap Bar 100g

Used daily, this soap will finely polish your skin helping to remove pigmentation and refine the appearance of your skin.

Fragranced with double-duty Rose Geranium essential oil – reputed to be anti-ageing in itself – but added to Activated Charcoal, you have a soap bar capable of deep-cleansing your precious skin and cradling it in its fragrant skin-goodness.

(And don’t worry, it may lather up grey, but it won’t stain)

Our Charcoal soap has also proved very helpful if used on the entire body for those people struggling with body odour even after washing with other daily soaps.


Saponified Oils and Butters of Olive, Coconut and Shea, Activated Charcoal & Rose Geranium Essential Oil


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