Face mask Unicorns and Watermelons
Lightening bolt face mask on child
Leopard print face mask - pleated
Lightening bolt face mask
Unicorn and watermelon face mask
Mermaid and fish face mask

Face Masks - Children's Face Mask

Reusable & Washable Face Masks, 100% cotton, 3 layers, made locally in Auckland, New Zealand.

Pleated Style

  • Age 5+ (16cm height when expanded fully, 17 cm width)
  • Pleated style has a wire across the nose piece and the soft fabric ties are designed to tie around your ears.

For every mask sold we donate one mask to the Middlemore Foundation to support our most vulnerable.

  • This mask is not PPE Certified.
  • Designed for general public use.
  • We cannot guarantee wearing this mask will eliminate the risk of infection or contracting a disease.