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Soap - Turmeric & Tangerine Soap Bar 100g

Turmeric & Tangerine Soap Bar


Aromatic Tangerine oil and Turmeric is blended with coconut oil and shea butter to create a silky divine soap. Tangerine oil helps to remove impurities and soothe skin, while Turmeric works to increase skin’s clarity and radiance, and help diminish dark spots and pigmentation. Tangerine’s delicious scent is also a natural mood enhancer! Wash away your cares with this beautiful bar which is gentle enough to use on your face, and for sensitive skin. All soaps are handmade hence their different shapes. You can cut them into squares, as required.  

Ingredients: Saponified Oils and Butters of Olive, Coconut and Shea, Turmeric and Tangerine Essential Oil