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keep your skin hydrated and moisturised

with products inspired by nature and adventure

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Solid moisturiser - Body bar

Solid blocks of buttery goodness to hold in the palm and run all over the body.  Vegan range now available.

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Pots of balm to use everyday or to take on any adventure.  You'll never leave home without one.    Vegan range now available.

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Zinc! Nature's Armour

Save those faces with this natural block.

Get Your Ama On!!


" ... I just love the way it glides ... "

says Heather - Solid Moisturiser

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" I smother it all over my face before bed every night"

says Petra - Balm

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" it's been awesome. Such a face-saver."

says Liam - Zinc!

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"I found a good one! The ultimate zinc ... congratulations!!"

says Silverio - Zinc!

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"thanks for saving my salty skin this summer!"

says Makuini - Balm

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