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About Us

Who is Ama?

Here at Ama, we like to spend our time outside adventuring and discovering New Zealand’s endless playground. Through being exposed to all types of conditions, our skin can begin to feel and appear weathered. Ama’s natural skincare range keeps our faces and bodies hydrated and moisturised, to give us back a natural glow.
The Ama range has been designed to provide a natural alternative for everyday and adventure skincare. As enthusiastic kite surfers, paddle boarders, surfers, slack liners, snowboarders and yogis; ourselves and friends have tried and tested Ama products in all extreme conditions that NZ throws at us.
Ama products are made here in New Zealand and we’ve loaded them with natural ingredients so you can be confident they not only feel good, they are good.
Ama’s growing range provides skincare solutions for any outdoor adventure or general day to day life, through hydrating and soaking up Ama’s natural goodness. Perfect for everyday use at home or to take along with you on a roadtrip.
Life's an adventure, and the outdoors is our endless playground!
Let's enjoy it.
Jo and Robbie

Ama Values

At Ama, we want to inspire people to be outside being active and living adventures through overcoming their challenges.  To live an Ama life.

Ama values and encourages people to:

1. Be conscious of their environmental impact and footprint.  We achieve this through utilising recycled, recyclable or reusable packaging and use ingredients that cause no or less harm to our oceans.

2. Aim to source natural ingredients from suppliers that are ethical and sustainable.  Giving you confidence that Ama is a natural product that is good for our skin as well as for the environment and community.

3. To treat life as an adventure.  Always striving to explore, develop and be brave to push through boundaries.  To have open and imaginative eyes.

4. Participate in no animal testing.