All Natural Ingredients!

Cruelty free + lots of vegan options

We are committed to cruelty free and 100% natural goodness for you to put on your body.

Waste free

 We try very hard to ensure that all our packaging is waste free, recyclable or compostable.

Hero ingredients

Meet some of our star players!

Shea Butter

Derived from the seed of the Shea tree. A natural vitamin A with ultimate moisturising and healing properties. Shea Butter can be found in our Snow Balm and Nourish Moisturising Body Bar.

Jojoba Oil

The closest structurally to our own natural sebum, Jojoba is anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic and contains vitamins A, D, and E, and minerals and proteins. Jojoba revitalises and soothes inflamed skin.

Cocoa Butter

Extracted from the Cocoa bean and has a velvety texture. The ultimate for naturally healing dry, sensitive skin.

Manuka Essential Oil

Renowned for it’s potent antimicrobial properties.  A hero in skincare with antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties combating skin irritation and infections.

Kanuka Essential Oil

Indigenous to NZ, Kanuka was originally used in NZ for pain and inflammation relief. 

Rosehip Oil

High in essential fatty acids and is known to help treat dry, irritated, weathered skin. Helps to restore and give you that healthy glow.

Raspberry Seed Oil

Reported to be very effective for sensitive skin, for controlling eczema, rashes, and psoriasis. It is an anti-inflammatory oil and an antioxidant with awesome moisturizing benefits stuffed with vitamins.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Derived from the dried seeds of the wild carrot plant, Carrot Seed Oil revitalizes and tones the skin.

Coconut Oil

From the flesh of the coconut it’s all about the fatty acids.  Any benefit you can think of for your skin and hair, coconut oil has got it covered.

Geranium Essential Oil

Commonly used as a natural bug repellent and known to reduce inflammation and irritation and improve the health of the skin. Geranium essential oil can be found in our best seller Resist Bug Balm and Energise Solid Moisturiser Body Bar.  Both are available in plant based options.

Lavender Essential Oil

With antiseptic and analgesic properties which has been known to ease pain and prevent infection. Lavender also has cytophylactic properties which promote rapid healing and help to reduce scarring.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

A well known natural bug repellent with a sweeter scent to it’s close relative Citronella. 
Find Lemongrass Essential Oil in our Resist Bug Balm, Plant Based Resist Bug Balm, Energise Solid Moisturiser, Plant Based Energise Solid Moisturiser


Made by bees in NZ. Not only builds a barrier whilst still allowing the skin to breathe, beeswax is highly antibacterial and soothing.

Zinc Oxide

A broad spectrum UVA and UVB reflector that sits on the skin’s surface acting as a block.

Kaolin Clay

Clay is an old go to for treating injuries, soothing pains and to cleanse and beautify.  

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