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Ama is all about natural support and going back to the healing powers that Papatūānuku provides us with. Having recently released our Sports Recovery range, and seeing how the Relief, Relax and Restore products were so well received, we wanted to take things one step further. 

Shining a spotlight on:

Magnesium & Lavender Body Butter and Magnesium & Kawakawa Body Butter

These body butters are not only so dreamy and soft but they work wonders on the body.  This powerhouse combination of natural ingredients will leave you feeling relaxed and restored like never before. 

Whether it is sore muscles, an achy pain, menstrual cramps, headaches, arthritis or sleeplessness, our butters can help with it all! Seriously!

The skin is the body's biggest organ and has several important functions including keeping moisture in and toxins out. What we put on our skin is very important as it is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, so think of beauty products of food skin. Whatever you put on the outside ends up on the inside.

About the Magical Ingredients

Lavender is well known for its calming properties and ability to aid with sleep, however it is not often used to its full potential which is why we have made it in a topical form. Lavender has been shown to have similar effects as anti-anxiety medication and is used worldwide for mental and physical relaxation. This is because it has the calming effect without the sedative side-effect that some other synthetics sleep aids have. This means it can be used day and night!

Now imagine that lavender serenity coupled with muscle relaxing magnesium. Another natural chemical that is best applied topically. Because body butters are applied topically, all the nutrients bypass the digestive system and kidneys meaning that you will feel the effects of all this natural goodness sooner rather than later. 

The magnesium and lavender butter is perfect for soothing and healing your body before bed.

This brings us to Kawakawa, which is one of the most well known forms of Rongoā Māori and has been used right here in Aotearoa for centuries. The distinctive heart shaped leaf has been used both internally and eternally for various healing purposes. It has been used for stomach problems, cuts, wounds, aches, pains and toothache to name a few. 

*You can read more about Kawakawa here. All our kawakawa is harvested following tikanga and with karakia, something that I am proud to be passing on to my young girls. One of our values at Ama is to live in balance with the earth and respect and give thanks and follow tikanga Māori when creating rongoā.

What are the Benefits?

Better Sleep: Magnesium and lavender is one of the best natural sleep aids you will find. Several academic studies have shown that topical application of lavender essential oil is a very effective form of pain management and has a calming effect on the body and mind.

Relief of Muscle Pains and Aches: They can be for anything from restless leg syndrome, dry or itchy skin, relief of muscle cramps from exercise, to menstrual pain. The magnesium and kawakawa butter is best for aches and pains as it provides pain relief through relaxation of the muscles and also the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of the kawakawa.

For our Tamariki: These body butters are perfect for our precious kids. All Ama products are cruelty free, which for us means they are family approved instead of animal tested. Our girls love their nightly massage with the Magnesium & Lavender butter to help them wind down and relax. 

How can you use the Butters? 

One of the most effective ways to use them is to rub the butter on the bottom of your feet to help promote a restful sleep and it will leave your feet feeling smooth and hydrated. 

Both body butters glide easily onto the skin and one of the biggest benefits of this topical application is that they are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Did you know that you can also use this butter to fundraise for your local school’s or kid’s sports team? If you are looking for a quick, easy way to fundraise for your sports team, club, school, daycare or kindergarten, we’d love to help! Find out how Ama can help you with fundraising here

Everything Else you Need to Know

We believe that natural, sustainable healthcare products should be accessible to everyone so we do our absolute best to live by that. This means we keep the cost of our products as low as we can without forsaking our high quality standard of ingredients and our commitment to  environmentally friendly packaging. You can read more about our values here

The butters come in 150g size tins which is a perfect size for families. Each pot sells at $32 and should last several months to a year depending on how many people are using it. 

As always, we are fully transparent about only using natural ingredients because it is something we are pretty proud of. Below you will find all the carefully selected ingredients. Vitamin E is a natural preservative which means that these products have a long shelf life (and makes them perfect for travelling) without having any nasty or harsh chemicals. 

Magnesium & Lavender Body Butter and Magnesium & Kawakawa Body Butter


Magnesium & Kawakawa Body Butter: Kawakawa in Olive Oil, Magnesium oil, Beeswax, Shea butter, Polawax and vitamin e.

Magnesium & Lavender Body Butter: Olive Oil, Shea butter, Magnesium oil, beeswax, polawax, vitamin e and Lavender Essential Oil

*Not to be used on broken skin.

Body Butter Kawakawa Lavender Magnesium Restless Legs

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