Kylie Brown - NZ Ironmum

Kylie is an ultra-fit Mum of three, she is an 100km Ultra-marathoner, Ironman finisher (3.8km swim, 180km ride, 42km run) and a multiple 10km+ ocean swimmer. She started her endurance from scratch post-children, and has built up her fitness through consistency and her fascination with the capabilities of the female body.
"Getting fit and strong has opened up so many doors for me to see the great outdoors up close, up mountains, across oceans, through forests. I have learnt a lot about fueling and caring for my body, how to embrace hormone cycles and get the most out of my training. And I have met so many amazing souls lining up at races all over our beautiful country."
Her passion is creating community around fitness and wants to make it accessible to everyone. She has recently started an online workout business with her good friend Maria called Sweaty Besties Fitness, which is all about helping people, step by step, through their fitness journey and getting “Stronger Together”.  
Next up, Kylie and her husband are going to compete in one of NZ most iconic endurance events, the Coast to Coast, side by side, across the South island.
Ultra Marathon Runner Kylie
Coast to Coast Ironman Sweatie Besties Ultra marathon

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