Ticiana Fettermann - Marine Biologist

Tici takes environmental practices seriously. She is a qualified Marine Biologist with 15 years’ experience in Sea Conservation. From Sea Turtles Conservationist to Drone and Cetacean researcher, NZ kitesurf champ, she is an ocean lover. 

Life is an Adventure!! Her passion for the ocean is something hard to explain. She is an enthusiastic kitesurfer and freediver. Love to explore new places leaving less footprint as possible. Like to live simply and be more conscious for her actions. Grown her own food and use as medicine. Tici like to be active and exercise, always aiming to get stronger, fitter and mentally balanced… to beat herself and be the best version as possible. Like new challenges that takes outside of comfort zone and like push the limits.

Tici is dedicated and focus, her goal is to protect the species in their natural environment, using science to help conservation efforts. Educate, inspire, empower and encourage people to conserve marine life and their habitats. She is plant-based/vegan that cares about the environment and what is going to be left for next generation. 

You can follow 

Tici Adventures on: https://www.instagram.com/ticifettermann/

Or her Professional Career: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ticiana-fettermann/   

Photos courtesy of @FabioPicinato

Ticiana Fettermann - Marine BiologistTiciana Fettermann - Marine Biologist

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