Live more Flexible with Ana

Ana, amongst many things is a yoga instructor and founder of Live More Flexible where her motto is "flexible mind, conscious body". Her Brazilian roots means she oozes with passion to move and encourage others.  And what better way to find her rhythm than with yoga!
With her family of four, Ana has travelled the world surfing and practicing yoga and the adventurous souls now call New Zealand their home.
How did your yoga journey begin? 
I first started practicing yoga in Brasil to improve my surfing skills. I was looking for strength, flexibility, better breathing and a focused mind so I could apply that to my own surfing and also be able to remain calm and relaxed in bad situations. It was just before going for a surf trip to Ecuador, where I knew I would surf big waves, so Yoga was part of my pre-trip preparation. The surfing lifestyle has a lot of similarities to yoga: if you are not present, living in the moment and totally focused you won't catch that wave! The same is true in a yoga class, the real yoga is an iside job - the magic of yoga only happens if you are truly and fully present. Once I felt that, I was hooked forever, then to became a Yoga instructor was just a step away.
Through teaching, you inspire and energise so many.  Who inspires you? 
Inspiration comes from all sources, you must only have the curiosity always ON. I'm inspired by the teachers I've learnt from, my students (I learn lots from them!) and my twin boys. They (my boys) inspire me so much to be the best I can and to fail and try over and over and to be playful and enjoy each step of the journey.
How do you keep the focus and commitment to practice everyday?
Yoga is my lifestyle, so I'm always applying it to everything in my life. Trying to stay awake to each moment, that's my practice! Now, the practice on my mat, that's easy, even when I feel lazy to get on my mat I just remember how I feel afterwards and boom, there I am downward dogging...
Besides yoga, what are your other loves? 
Well, I started yoga to improve my surfing skills... so you might guess surfing is my other passion. I also love skating, rock climbing and playing the ukelele :)
What does being adventurous mean to you?
Ultimately means to be moving! Moving internally and externally from a place of stagnation to one of stability and liberation. It means to live a life with flexibility of movement, thinking and location (geographically speaking). It means challenging myself, finding my edge and stepping outside my confort zone. It means explore not only myself and my possibilities but explore the world, travel, experience new cultures, tasting new flavours, learning new languages, making new friends and trying some rad sports along the way.
Ana is based in Mt Maunganui and offers private and group classes.  If you'd like to learn more, follow Ana inspiring feed on Instagram @livemoreflexible

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